The lands of Gartrand, separated entirely from the rest of Helgram by the mountain range that runs through the continent, has uniquely shaped the lives of its population. Generally, a Gartrander is slightly shorter, with broader shoulders than the rest of the people in Helgram. Being in the colder North, Gartranders tend to keep as much facial hair as is comfortable while still being clean and tidy. Women tend to put on more weight to compensate for lack of body hair and this is viewed as a sign of lower class success since the upper class can afford to be thin in their warmer clothing and heated buildings.

With easy access to mining in the mountains, Vox, the capital city of Gartrand, quickly established itself in the steel-working and armorsmithing industries. Capable of creating large, complex, and incredibly detailed works of metal, Vox is a massively tall city with unquestionably the best defended armies on the continent. The nature of the city, being clad in steel, makes it rather frigid and its poorer people tend to gravitate towards the smithies to keep warm in winter. Taking up the trade early in life is a much better guarantee of being successful and staying warm later in life and is thus the hope of every new parent that their child will be strong and a quick learner.

Although the city is well defended, the territory itself has never been threatened by a foreign military due to its location; essentially a peninsula gated off by an enormous mountain range. The isolation of Gartrand has created a massive distrust in other regions and a particular hatred for all things magical. The Knights of Earthly Purity, led by High Priestess Della the Merciful, dedicate their lives to the eradication of magic and other such heresies. As a general rule, if a Knight cannot identify its workings at first glance, then it must be magic and distrusted. While Gartrand has governments in place to oversee daily activity, the zealotry stirred up by The Knights has formed Gartrand as a whole into a theocracy with Della as its unofficial leader.

With trade between Gartrand and Westerland growing, the territory has gained access to improved steam technologies. This has allowed Gartrand to build incredible works of mobile armor including Enhanced Exoskeletal Soldiers and Golems. These marvels of engineering were called upon to aid Westerland when Sorkani’s Igol army invaded and is often reluctantly credited with the defense of Westerland.


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